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Jim Christ


She's A Lot Like You-1st Place
Girl Out Of Darkness-3rd Place
          -Public Safety Writers Association

Based in Tucson, AZ, Jim Christ tells suspenseful stories set in the modern Southwest about ordinary men and women who do extraordinary things.

New Release

She's A Lot Like You

Risking everything, mixed-race Enrique Tavish fights depraved enemies and his own lust to rescue teenage Rosa Martinez from prostitution, but she seizes control of her own fate in a series of shocking reversals; their survival skills and Tavish’s honor are put to the ultimate test facing the threats from Rosa’s cartel captors. 

Christ confronts readers with the cruelty and social injustice that are the inseparable realities of kidnapping and human trafficking. . . . as his protagonist seeks redemption, Christ has his readers reckoning the costs for the pursuit of duty and a quiet mind. Moral and ethical dilemmas carry this novel to a thoughtful place that most crime/suspense dramas do not even approach. An engrossing story rendered with passion and truth.

~Diane Donovan, Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review

Girl Out Of Darkness

Set in rural Pima County in the 1980’s, Girl out of Darkness tells the story of three courageous, resilient women who assert themselves to save what is precious to them: a family, a career, a lover—and at least one of them may have to pay for it with her own blood.

Christ nails the good but impressionable, the bad but salvageable and the flat-out chillingly evil that exists in human nature.  Christine Wald-Hopkins, Arizona Daily Star


. . . a satisfyingly complex, involving and unexpectedly heart-tugging drama that's hard to put down.  -Diane Donovan, Sr. Editor, Midwest Book Review

A crime drama sustained by gimlet-eyed, sometimes poetic psychological insight . . . Drawing deeply from a rich tradition of hard-boiled detective fiction, Christ's novel is unsentimentally realistic as it bravely tours the dark corridors of the human soul. A gripping story told with verve and intelligence.  -Kirkus Reviews

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya  Angelou

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